Our San Leandro Handyman Service Is Green

green improvments We are a green friendly service. Whether we are assembling furniture, hanging portraits or putting up mirrors, re-organizing the kitchen or garage, installing shelving, or repairing a window, we do it all with the greatest pride and the greenest products.

This means that when we're preparing a room for baby, or anyone else, we will only make use of products that are safe. It also means that when buying the items necessary to do the job, we will always choose the greenest items possible. When doing electrical or plumbing work, we will tell the client about products that will be of future benefit, both to the household, and to the environment. This includes installing systems that help conserve our resources.

We Plan to Save the Environment

a new growth forest that won't be used by our handymen We use top quality products that are low in volatile gases, locally sourced if possible and made from renewable products. We do significant planning and bring everything that we need with us to the job the first time. It's neither Earth-friendly or efficient to have to run to the local hardware store every ten minutes to pick up another tool or part.

Sure there are other green handymen out there but do they just talk the talk or do they actually walk the walk. We've been looking into purchasing hybrid vehicles and trying to reduce our carbon footprint by only partnering with tool makers and advertisers that are environmentally responsible as well.

You can be assured that when you call our San Leandro handyman service, you're making the right choice for yourself and the planet.