Our San Leandro Handyman Team Will Help You Organize

an organized kitchen features a wall mounted knife magnet You can't truly call any kitchen modern without a smart, sophisticated storage solution. While designs vary from one project to another, the goal is always the same: to get more organization and storage space out of the same cabinets, drawers, pantries, walls, and even ceilings.

Our San Leandro handyman service designs often feature fold-away surfaces with flush storage bays that prevent utensils and food debris from getting caught in the cracks, or getting lost deep in your cabinetry. These fold-away surface solutions can give you more surface area to work with when preparing food for a lot of people, or just when you don't want to clear up counter space, while storing out of sight when you don't need them.

One of our favorite pieces of equipment to install to reduce kitchen clutter is a magnetic knife rack. A magnetic knife rack is a great way of keeping your knives sharp and safe by saving them from life in a cramped drawer, where they can dull themselves and cut less cautious hands. Not only is a magnetic knife rack a great way to show off a knife collection - it also frees up more storage space in your drawers, allowing you more room to spread out the rest of your utensils and equipment. While it is possible to install a magnetic knife rack on your own, it's important to get the rack perfectly level, to mount it in a way to take your collection's weight, and to damage the supporting wall as little as possible in the process, since the shape of a kitchen reflects strongly upon the shape of your home.

We Can Find Room Where Others Can't

a well organized kitchen in San LeandroYou might think there aren't many opportunities to get more storage space out of a cupboard, but you would be surprised. Door-mounted spice racks allow you to keep your favorite spices labeled and within easy reach, which is sometimes all it takes to get more adventurous with your cooking.

If the lighting in your kitchen isn't very good, it can also be easy to forget all about things in the back of your cupboards. Fortunately, your handyman San Leandro can install a low-wattage lighting system in your cupboards with a switch system, a sensor system, or several other configurations that will finally let you see - and use - those ingredients that keep slipping to the rear.

Kitchen cabinet organization doesn't need to start with installing these systems but doing so may make a big difference in how your day goes. Preparing food and packing lunches, instead of eating out, is a great way to save money, and it's so much easier to make the change when you have an easy to use kitchen. Call your San Leandro handyman today to learn even more ways to transform your kitchen.